If you experience stroke symptoms or witness a stroke in progress, the information in this section will empower you with life-saving action steps. Stroke can happen to anyone, anytime.

The Basics

Check the time so you'll know when the first symptoms appeared.
Recognize the stroke warning signs. People may experience some or all of signs.
Even if the warning signs go away, continue treating the situation as life threatening.

Warning Signs of Stroke

S = SPEECH, or any problems with language

T = TINGLING, or any numbness in the body

= REMEMBER, or any problems with memory

= OFF BALANCE, problems with coordination


= EYES, or any problems with vision

is an easy way to remember how to recognize a stroke and what to do:

Face Drooping - Does one side of the face droop or is it numb?
Arm Weakness - Is one arm weak or numb?
Speech Difficulty - Is speech slurred?
Time to call 9-1-1 - and get the person to the hospital immediately.

Please visit American Stroke Association www.strokeassociation.org or National Stroke Association www.stroke.org for more information.